Global Church Partnership

Local partnership. Global impact.


How do you teach according to the Scriptures—without Scriptures? You can support church leaders around the world with Bibles, and in return receive Scripture resources you can use in your own community outreach programs.

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Why Global Church Partnership?

Can you imagine leading a church with no Bible? This is the reality for thousands of pastors around the world.

When you equip one of those pastors with a Bible, you’re changing his church forever. Not only can he now preach the gospel from the pulpit, but he can also mentor other leaders and evangelists.

Now imagine if that church had more than one Bible. Individuals can read it for themselves and bible studies can be formed. Communities can be radically transformed—all because Bibles were introduced to a church.

Partnering to Share with You

Churches are partnering with ShareWord Global for a minimum monthly donation of $100/month. As a thank you for your support, your church will have access to a suite of ShareWord Global Scriptures to help you share the Gospel in your community. 

Resource your existing ministries with Scriptures in your outreach.

Equip your youth with copies of the Gospel of John to share with their friends. 

Share God's Word with visitors at Christmas and Easter. Offer them a copy of a Scripture magazine, a fresh new way to look at God's Word and meet Jesus Christ.

Connect seekers to your church through NewLife. With wide-ranging apologetics content and a full Bible in many languages, this free app for smartphones is the perfect way to help your congregation engage people who are asking the tough questions.

Load your church information into the app's database so people know where you are, when you're open, and what you offer. 

Bibles Transformed My Church

Bedane is a soft-spoken young man who lives in a village in Ethiopia where tribal religions such as Wakefetcha, Islam, and Witchcraft are fighting for the souls of the population in the region.


“I was always questioning many things about Christianity. I wanted to understand what God wanted me to do with my life, my purpose, and His everyday guidance. When I received the Bible in my own native language, Oromo, I began to understand the meaning of being a Christian.” - Bedane

When Bedane became a Christian two years ago, there was only one Bible in the new church plant of 20 members. Because they lived in rural areas far from each other the pastor made a list and passed the Bible around so that each church member had the Bible for five days.

Members returned the Bible to the pastor on Friday or Saturday, so that he could prepare his teachings for Sunday. Then after the Sunday service, a member would take the Bible for the next five days.

That’s how they shared the one copy of the Bible in Bedane’s village—until last year when we partnered with The Bible League of Canada and placed 60,000 Oromo Bibles in Ethiopia.

Bedane received one of those Bibles and it changed his life.

As Bedane grew in the Word, other things began to change. People started coming to the Lord; our small church began to grow. In less than a year, our congregation grew four times to 89 adults and 40 children.

Together we can ensure that pastors have Bibles to help them teach, and believers have Bibles to help them grow.