The  Truth Made Clear in Icelandic 

  • Iceland

Our hearts are touched by the need to reach out to the young people in Iceland who desperately need to be able to read and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The current and only Icelandic Bible is controversial and unpopular. Now finally, to make the Truth clear, the translation of a new easy-to-read and understand Icelandic Bible in contemporary Icelandic language is under way.

The Word of God is active and alive. When individuals pick it up and begin to read, the Holy Spirit uses the words of the Bible to reveal the love of God, the broken relationship between them and God, and identifies how that relationship can be mended. This message is especially communicated through the Gospel of John and is the primary reason for why we have chosen The Gospel of John as our first printing and free distribution to the Icelandic people. We desire above all that every person in Iceland, men & women, and boys & girls, have an opportunity to read for themselves the Gospel message and by doing so, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. As well, when they become Christians they will have that very same copy of the scriptures to grow spiritually and grow deeper in the ways of God. This project fulfills our passion to participate in the Great Commission to the great nation of Iceland. 

You can share the gospel with many who will hear it for the very first time!

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