We know Jesus to be the one true God.
But in India, Jesus is just a name for one of 300 million other worshipped gods.

Yet when you bring God’s Word to this beautiful country, the reactions are astounding. Smiles, tears, profuse thank-you’s—and always a plea for copies in their own language.

India has over 450 active languages. Besides English, we’ve had Scripture magazines translated into the top five: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam. We’re doing the same with the full Bible and NewLife app.

Thousands of pastors. Hundreds of thousands of individuals. All eager to receive and share God’s Word. You can be the answer—the one who brings a Bible to waiting hands.

  • 1.25 billion Population
  • 461 Languages spoken
  • 80% Hinduism Main Religion
  • 70,650 Scriptures shared
Less than 3% are Christians, so to most, our God is just one of 330 million other gods. This beautiful country needs to be introduced to Jesus, the One and Only God.
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Light for India

Millions of people in India don’t know what Jesus has done for them and is offering them. No one has told them, and they have no Bibles to read for themselves. Having a copy of God’s Word changes everything…

"My life has completely changed because of the Jesus I read about in the Bible! I grew up worshiping Hindu gods. But after years of spousal and family abuse, I gave up on the gods because they left me feeling empty and alone. Then one day a Punjabi coworker told me to talk to Jesus because He would listen. So I requested a New Testament from The Gideons and one day met Jesus in the Gospel of John. He freed me from my past and gave me a new beginning. Now I can’t stop sharing Him with others." -- Neha

Please give today so the Light can shine in India like never before! Your $60 donation means 20 people will receive a Light magazine to introduce them to Jesus.

  • Your $60 donation means 20 people will receive a Light magazine to introduce them to Jesus 
  • 30 people can have the gospel message in their heart language for only $90 
  • A gift of $225 places three Audio Bibles, transforming the lives of entire villages 

The time is now. Please give today so thousands of people in India can receive God’s Word and hear of His great love for them.

Will you be a part of changing India with the gospel?


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