Northern Canada

  • Northern Canada
The Stories are Heartbreaking

Young girls and boys—in our own country—are choosing death over life. The darkness is heavy around them, deepened by drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, bullying, poverty and watching their friends commit suicide. What a cry for the hope of the gospel.

Barry Chalifoux, a Christian social worker in Meadow Lake, SK, describes what this hopelessness is like:

“Imagine waking up in the morning and realizing that you’re buried alive in a coffin. And you can’t even move. And it’s dark. You know at any moment you’re going to run out of oxygen, so you’re just there waiting to die. You scream but nobody can hear you, you move but you can’t really move at all. Hopelessness is exactly like that.”

Friends, you have a chance to share the hope of the gospel with these young people. Christ was buried in a dark tomb, but triumphantly rose from the grave. And that means each and every person in Northern Canada can share in the hope of our resurrected King—but only if someone tells them! What an incredible opportunity—and responsibility—to respond to these devastating situations with the love and hope of Jesus.

Let’s use this moment to reach up to the North with the only thing that can change everything in their lives: the gospel. Your gift today can bring the hope of Christ to someone who desperately needs it!

The Need

It’s more expensive to travel here from the southern regions of Canada than it is to cross the ocean. Everyday living costs are high, compounded by issues of poverty and unemployment. Compared to the rest of Canada, life expectancy rates are lower. Infant mortality rates are higher. Healthcare is less accessible, and leading causes of death include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, accidents, and suicide.

This part of our home country is so unreached. Many people in our North live in isolation and aren’t hearing about the saving power of Jesus Christ, the message that can change their lives.

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