We're sharing God's Word in every corner of the world.

Whether it's a full Bible, the NewLife app on someone's phone, or one of our Scripture magazines, people are reading a copy of God's Word and discovering His free offer of salvation.


What we do

Working in North America and around the world, our ministry’s uniqueness comes from a combination of the following:

Gospel-Centred Ministry

Gospel-Centred Ministry
Our mission is clear: to share the gospel of Jesus Christ using free copies of God’s Word so people will accept God’s gift of salvation.

Canadian Membership

Mobilizing Believers
We equip everyday Christians and global evangelists who offer their time, passion and resources to the cause of sharing the gospel using copies of God’s Word.

Local + Global Partnership

Local + Global Partnership
We work globally with churches and complementary ministries to contextually share the gospel and equip the Church for evangelism.

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