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Like many children in the river communities along the Amazon River, Ismael’s father left their village in search of work when Ismael was just a toddler. It was a common side-effect of their isolated location. Because it takes more than 24-hours of strenuous travel to reach the nearest major city, people frequently leave villages like Ismael’s to find work. And because the travel is so difficult, they often never come back.

This was the case for Ismael’s father.

Growing up with a single mother and younger siblings, Ismael had to take on duties beyond his years. He felt adrift and abandoned in the absence of a father to provide guidance. And because his village was so remote he’d never had anyone come to tell him about the hope of Jesus.

This weighed heavily on Ismael’s lean shoulders.

He believed he was unworthy of anything nice in life as a result. He concluded that his father didn't think it was worthwhile to raise him. “I must be worthless,” he concluded.

Ismael’s mother began to worry as she saw her son befriend gang members known to experiment with drugs. She feared losing him. She felt powerless to stop him.

That’s when the gospel intervened.

The financial support of donors like you, sent our ministry partners in Brazil on the nearly 4,000 km Gospel Outreach (GO) Trip from Sao Paulo to Ismael's village to share the gospel.

The group met Ismael’s mother first. She shared what her son was going through. While they were talking, Ismael entered the house. The group gave him a Faisca (Spark) magazine and shared God’s plan of salvation with him.

Ismael’s eyes glowed with wonder as he flipped through its glossy pages. For the first time, he realized his Father in heaven would never leave nor forsake him. This knowledge lifted the heavy burden he had carried for most of his short life. His eyes filled with tears. As he heard more of the Good News, Ismael decided to chart a new path and gave his life to Jesus with an open heart.

Ismael was headed for a life of misery and destruction. And there are thousands of kids, just like Ismael, who are waiting to have their lives changed by the gospel.

You can bring the gospel to them today. Your $150 gift will mobilize the Church in Brazil to take up the great challenge of traveling to these often neglected communities. It will equip them with the training they need to tell other lost communities about their loving father. And it will also provide the Scriptures they need to share the Word of God.

You can make Ismael’s story a reality for many more who call the Amazon home.

Will you answer the call?

  • $60 will share the gospel and a copy of Scripture with 10 people
  • $150 will mobilize the Church in Brazil to take up the great challenge of traveling to these often neglected communities.
  • $1,200 will share the message of Jesus and transform an entire village





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