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When we received a request for evangelism training and Bibles from Sammy, Head Officer in charge of Embu Main Prison in Kenya, the need and urgency for the gospel were evident. Sammy had reached out to our Kenyan representative, Patrick, hoping we could help with his appeal.

As they waited for a response, Merus, Chief Chaplain of the prison, earnestly prayed that God would provide for their request. Merus was at home praying with other chaplains and prison guards when Patrick called to confirm our commitment to the project. The Lord had answered their prayers!

In the past, we wrote to many of you about the digital evangelism training held in Nairobi and how it’s creating an evangelism spark across Kenya. Little did we realize it’s not just a spark—it's a wildfire! And a key factor is the Grow Your Church program.

The Grow Your Church program provides training for pastors, chaplains, and church members, equipping them for evangelism. A full kit of Scripture resources is also provided to be shared as part of evangelism outreach, audio Bibles, and study Bibles to provide ministry leaders with a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

This opportunity is not unique to Kenya. In many parts of the world, despite having a heart to reach people with the Word of God, pastors lack theological training and Bibles. You have the ability to change that.

  • For $35, you can kindle a ministry leader’s understanding of God’s Word with a study Bible that will develop an in-depth knowledge of Scripture so they can equip believers into sharing the gospel.
  • $125 will equip and mobilize believers to spread the gospel and provide 25 Bibles to share.
  • Your gift of $250 will fuel a ministry with evangelism training and 50 Scripture magazines to share with the community and transform their lives.
  • A gift of $410 launches a complete Grow Your Church program, helping support not only a leader and ministry, but hundreds of others who will get to hear the Word of God through their outreach.

Thank you abundantly for your generosity!





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