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GMO - Hidden Church

God is doing amazing things in the Middle East! Last year we started broadcasting the gospel into millions of homes throughout the Muslim world, and impact it has had has been incredible.

“It’s mobilizing the hidden church, in the most difficult part of the world,” said our VP of International Growth, Giorgio Gori.

So much so that now new doors are opening. Because of these broadcasts two different networks of churches have reached out to ShareWord Global to help share 110,000 Scriptures throughout the Middle East! This opportunity has the power to transform countless lives! In this part of the world, that is so desperate for hope.

“Things are different there; you can’t compare it at all to Canada. There is a daily fear, and risk to being a Christian in the Middle East. They are not allowed to evangelize. If you become Christian, you have to hide it. In some cases, people are forced to hide it from their wife or their husband!” said Nader Mohajer, our broadcast studio Manager.

Think back to when you first made Jesus lord of your life. Think about the excitement you felt, the deep desire to share His amazing love! Now imagine if you couldn’t tell anyone—not even those closest to you—for fear of fracturing your relationships, or worse, facing imprisonment. That is the reality for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East.

Despite these incredibly difficult circumstances, you have an opportunity to bring the Gospel of light and love to a place that has been filled with despair. Your commitment to shining a light in the Muslim world today can help replace that despair with forgiveness and hope!





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