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About the campaign

Dear Family and Friends,

Luiz and Ana Paula here. We hope you are doing well! We have fantastic news, and we want to share it with you. We have two mission trips coming up real soon!

1) To Sao Paulo & Campinas, Brazil ?? - October 20-31 &
2) To Santiago & Los Ángeles, Chile ?? - November 16-27.


We will be travelling to Brazil & Chile to serve as missionaries alongside ShareWord Global Ministries. God opened doors in these two countries, enabling new opportunities to put God’s Word into people’s hands and to help equip local churches to share the Gospel relationally. 

Having completed our School of Ministry courses recently, we are excited to serve others in any way we can and to practice what we have learned in the Scriptures (2 Corinthians 15:20) about serving the Kingdom of God. 

During our time in Brazil and Chile, Luiz and I will share the Word of God in schools, public parks, hospitals, and special meetings with the local church. We will also assist with relational evangelism training in three different congregations. As part of an international team, we will partner with the local churches to encourage their journey and to help foster a desire and passion in them for evangelism. We will work alongside hundreds of Pastors and Christians, connecting local people to the authentic Word of God by sharing our magazines, equipping their church with evangelistic training, and watching God move in these communities, transforming their hearts through the Gospel.

While in Chile, in addition to the city of Santiago, we will go to the remote city of Los Ángeles (South Chile) to share the Gospel with the Mapuche people. Meeting the Mapuche people will be a unique experience for us as we connect with indigenous groups and encourage and help them with relational evangelism training in their local churches. What a privilege that will be! 

Most importantly, we will love them and pray for them and their families while sharing our time and faith in any capacity. Last but not least, a few local officials have requested that we visit the schools in the south of Chile to encourage the teens specifically. The number of suicides among teens is high in that region. So, we will share our hearts, bibles and scripture magazines with them. We are beyond excited about this fantastic opportunity. Would you consider partnering with us? 

To make these trips possible, we will need to raise $7,000 by December 30, 2022. That amount covers our two trips. It pays for the round-trip tickets for both of us (to both destinations), for overnight stays in Brazil and Chile and food and transportation in both countries. You can donate using the link at the bottom of this bio. More importantly, we are hoping you will join us in prayer for this trip. We believe in the power of intercession (Hebrews 7:25). We desire to have a team of prayer warriors behind us, praying on our behalf for our family and ShareWord Global as a whole, as we seek God’s protection this way. We are looking for prayer partners willing to lift us daily. Here are some specific areas to pray: 

    • Travel safety, both in the air and on the ground
    • Favour with the local communities we serve
    • Health to serve abroad amid a post-pandemic landscape
    • Wisdom and understanding as we serve the community
    • Connect with the people of Brazil and Chile on a deeper level - especially the kids/teens and the Mapuches in Chile
    • Opportunities and open hearts to share the Gospel

Thank you for reading about our plans, hearing our hearts, and considering how you can support us through intercession and financially! We greatly appreciate you in our lives and are excited to share what God does with our family as we say yes to GO to the nations, sharing God’s Word!

All our love,

Luiz and Ana Paula Godinho

Here is the link to donate to our GO Trips: Brazil and Chile. 

Note: Remember, those who donate get a tax receipt!

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