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Zambia (October 21 - November 1, 2022)

Kenya GO Trip

February 3 - 13, 2022


When the GO Team went to Kenya they integrated with people from all walks of life. To the very poor people who live in some of Africa’s largest slums, to people with positions that afford them power to make real change. They met with a local MP, and the head Chaplain of all the prisons in Kenya. Here’s what the chaplain had to say about the work happening in his home:

“When ShareWord Global came to us, I saw the proper meaning of The Great Commission. In the past, we’ve had churches and groups come to share the word. But they come with their Bible. They preach to the inmates. And that’s it. They go back with their Bibles.

A lot of people have come to share in the prisons, but you are the only ones who cared about the souls of those who work in our prisons and take care of them as well. You not only speak to us, but you also teach us, and share with us the Bible. So I want to thank you.”

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