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ShareWord Christmas Catalogue

Make a world changer

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“When I first heard about GO Trips with ShareWord Global, I was a landscaper. I was passionate about spreading God’s Word, but when one of our members asked me to sign up for a GO Trip I was scared, and had every excuse not to go.

Thankfully, that member believed in me, because the trip changed my life!

Shortly after returning I sold my business, and my house, and moved my family across the country so I could work for ShareWord Global, and dedicate my life to sharing the gospel. It was a big move; we had to leave the rest of my family. But I was excited to serve God in this way.

Now, not everyone who goes on one of these trips is going to switch careers. But when someone joins us for a GO Trip, it’s inevitable that they will be changed to some degree.

By sponsoring a trip you could be igniting a fire in someone to become an evangelist and build up churches—not just for two weeks on their trip—but for the rest of their lives!”

—Brad Willey, International Growth Manager

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