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Something is happening in Africa

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A grassroots movement of local churches are on fire for the gospel. But they need help.

Believers are passionate about sharing the Word of God but lack the training and resources they need to effectively share it with the people around them.

Maria is an elderly widow in Uganda. Due to arthritis in her joints, she is unable to walk. And because she is unable to afford a wheelchair, if she needs to get around without any help she has to crawl on all fours. This has prevented her from stepping foot in her church for over two years.

One of our local partners, Pastor Richard, provides Spiritual care for Maria, visiting her whenever he can. He gave her a Bible in her native language and blessed her with the training she needed to tell her community about her best friend—Jesus.

“Recently, when I visited her, I found her reading the Bible and telling Bible stories to her great-great-granddaughter. She’s almost never seen without her Bible in hand,” Pastor Richard said.

When passionate believers are given the support, and resources they need, they have the power to change their communities with the gospel. You can spark that change today by supporting the Church in Africa.

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