Join us in sharing God’s Word in every corner of the world!

Our most popular evangelism program is the Global Church Partnership (GCP). This program allows you to support church leaders around the world with God’s Word and in return, receive Scripture resources you can use in your own community outreach programs.



How Does the GCP Work? It’s Easy!

  1. As a church, your minimum donation of $100/month will allow us to purchase and distribute Scripture magazines or copies of God’s Word in the region that needs it most. Our Scripture magazines have been translated into a local language and are individually designed for the culture of each country where they are shared.

  2. As a thank you, we offer your church Scripture resources at no cost.

  3. We’ll provide you with quarterly updates on how your church’s generous contribution is changing lives.

Where Do We Distribute Scriptures? 

In addition to North America, we’re currently at work in:

  • Africa including Malawi, South Sudan, Zambia and Ethiopia

  • Asia including China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

  • Europe including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Iceland

  • Central & South America including Nicaragua, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru

Together we can ensure that pastors have Bibles to help them teach, and believers have Bibles to help them grow.

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