God Has Opened A New Door In China

By Michelle deVries

  • God Has Opened A New Door In China

This year, God opened a massive new door in China—bigger than you’ve ever dreamed of!

The impact you’re a part of in China began four years ago, distributing Bibles through the local church. Thanks to your incredible generosity, hundreds of thousands now have the Word of God.

But with so many in China still not having heard the life-changing message of the gospel, we asked God how to reach the multitudes with the message of hope.

One of the main obstacles in evangelism is the quota of Bibles the government allows to be printed in China. The government restricts that number to 4 million per year, in a country where 12 million people to Christ annually. Also, digital Bibles, such as Bible apps are challening because of government restrictions.

But what if, without limitations, you could share the hope of the gospel, introduce people to the written story of Jesus, and invite people to accept the free gift of salvation—all 1.3 billion of them?

This year, the Chinese government’s Bible commission gave permission to print Hope Scripture magazines and provide them to churches in China. And here’s the best part: no limits were put on how many can be printed! What an amazing opportunity!

The Chinese Hope magazine, adapted with images from China, and the Bible are now for the first time ever being distributed by Christians in China to their friends, family, and communities. Since October, over 130,000 of these brand new Hope magazines have already been provided for by generous donors like you! Thank you for making it possible for people to share their faith and this wonderful gift.

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