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Cuban Christians have patiently endured decades of persecution. But today, they're ready and waiting to do something special - and you can help make it happen! Today you have a chance to walk through an open door with us to partner with churches in Cuba—and reach every person with the gospel. There are over 11 million Cubans on that island, and only 5% of them are evangelical Christians. Millions need the gospel and you can help!

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Equip Cubans with God's Word!

Pastors in Cuba were so excited when we brought them copies of our Esperanza magazine last summer, to give out in their communities. Esperanza means Hope in Spanish, and that word holds so much meaning for them. Here’s how a woman named Marline described how they were received:

“When you gave people the magazine, they began to look at it immediately. They didn’t put it under their arm but started reading it—even reading while walking! This magazine has come here to Cuba to help us do our job for our Lord. This is a very important tool in our hands. All we have to do is use it as our Lord and Saviour wants, and we will reach more people for His Kingdom.”

The church is hungry for God’s Word—for themselves, and to share with their fellow Cubans. But they have virtually nothing to use in evangelism. What an amazing opportunity to place a copy of Esperanza (which includes a selection of Psalms overlaid on stunning photography, plus the complete Gospel of John) into the hands of as many people as we possibly can.

Every $50 you donate means 10 Esperanza magazines will touch lives—not just individuals but entire families.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to come alongside Cuban Christians who have suffered for so long and been faithful. Let’s equip them with God’s Word so they can reach their country with the gospel!


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God-Sized Dreams for Cuba

God-Sized Dreams for Cuba

A small team travelled to Cuba in July 2016 - it was our first Scripture distribution and partner-building trip in this region. Read a few of the highlights, here!Read More

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