A Year for Jesus

By Natalia

  • A Year for Jesus

Grace Church in Oryol, Russia launched the "Year for Jesus" on May 17, 2014.

After prayer and training in evangelism, a team from the church headed out to a local park, where half of them sang Christian songs, attracting the attention of passersby, while the other half talked to those who were interested, giving them invitations to church services and copies of Christian literature, including the Hope Magazine and the Gospel of John.

Here are some responses from young Christians who participated in the project:

Alina: “People want to hear God’s Word–they are definitely spiritually thirsty. Most gladly accepted invitations. It was a joy to me to realize that I was part of God’s enormous plan to bring salvation to Russia.”

Artur: “I offered to pray for an elderly woman and she accepted. I prayed for God to bless her, give her good health, and reveal Himself to her. She was overjoyed and thanked me endlessly.” 

Denis: “The main things I learned are: the power of a team working together towards a common goal, and the power of prayer. Much prayer, much power. I was glad to see my brothers and sisters on fire and filled with God’s love, which truly drives out all fear.”


There were many more responses like these after the first day. Most people were happy to see us. Many were happy simply to see young people not smoking or getting into trouble, but instead respecting the elderly and sincerely praising God in song.

Since May 17, every day a team of 20 has been involved in evangelism in one form or another: similar outreaches on the streets of Oryol, house-to-house evangelism in nearby villages, and daily prayer and Bible study.

In the first three weeks, six of the people that we talked to on the street made decisions to follow Christ.

We praise God for these fruits and believe that this is just the beginning of the great works God will do in Russia. 

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