Hope in Belarus

By Valery Sheibak

  • Hope in Belarus

A pastor in Minsk shares how Scriptures are bringing hope to the young people in Belarus.

Thank you for providing us with this evangelistic literature. We use Hope magazine a lot, especially among young people. The magazine’s design and content are very interesting to teens, college students and young people.

We also distribute Russian New Testaments to prisoners, whom our leaders visit regularly. We give English and Russian New Testaments to international students studying in Belarus and we distributed them to fans during the World Hockey Championships. 


All printed resourses were popular during the Sochi Olympics and the World Hockey Championships. Our church members distributed them and found that people were eager to accept them. With these recent sports events still on people’s minds, we can continue to distribute the remaining copies through the end of this year, using them as tools to continue sharing the Gospel.

Thank you to everyone who invested finances and effort into providing us with these invaluable tools for sharing the Gospel in Belarus!

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