The One She'd Been Waiting For

By Ekaterina

  • The One She'd Been Waiting For

A student from Pinsk, Belarus shares how her mother found hope through a Gideon Scriptures magazine.

I came to Christ a few months ago, and since then everything in my life has changed for the better. However, I had one longing, which was to see my mother come to Christ as well.

My mother, Nina, has spent almost her whole life searching for God; she devoted 40 years of her life to the Orthodox church. She has read lots of literature, bought many icons and other religious items, visited many religious sites, but she always said that she had not yet found what she was seeking. Inside her there was still an emptiness that these things could not fill. 


When I first started inviting her to an Evangelical church she refused. When I got a hold of a Hope magazine, I gave it to her to read.

And then the transformation that I had been waiting for took place! She became very interested and agreed to come with me to church, where she committed her life to the Lord.

On the way home she told me that she had finally found the One she had been seeking all these years.

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