To Canada, From Russia

  • To Canada, From Russia

Students we've met in Russia write to us about their dream of sharing the Good News of the gospel by giving Scriptures to their friends.

Veronika from Russia writes:

Hey there!

I'm Veronika, a student from Russia, and I, along with hundreds of others, want to share the Good News of the gospel with the youth and young adults in my country... but we need your help.

We need access to Bibles. What better way to tell people of God's love than through his love letter?

Many students can't read of God's wonderful love because they do not have a Bible. They are searching for God, but need His Word.

I want to see others transformed by God's Word.

Please help us share the Good News today.

Irina from Varonstosv, Russia writes:

It is so important for us to be sharing God’s Word. There are so many messages and things that the youth are putting their hope in, and it fails them. Drugs and alcohol are all too common, as well as suicide.

We have a message of hope that is everlasting. Having the Scripture materials to give when we share with the students makes a big difference.

They can read it, go through it afterwards, and always have it with them. The students are also more open to hearing what we have to say when they know they will receive a free gift.

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