Heart for Africa


You can bring new life to Africa this year. You can make 2016 a year of change!

  • Heart for Africa

Let's share the gospel with as many people in Africa as possible this year, so they can experience the fullness of joy that comes with having new life in Christ!

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Heart for Africa

Right now, in Africa, tens of thousands of people give their life to Christ EACH day! Isn't that incredible? Right now, Africa is spiritually open to the gospel. But so many lives are being ripped apart by war, famine, and the strongholds of addiction and witchcraft. Millions need the Word of God to bring them hope and strength, and point them to the only One who can free them from the addictions that bind them. 

To help you prayerfully consider how your giving can change lives, I have a few examples of how your donation could be used in Africa:

  • $40 could provide a Bible for eight people in Ethiopia
  • $90 means 30 people in Zambia could receive a New Testament
  • $150 could enable 30 people in Malawi to have a Bible of their own and discover new life in Christ

Let's make 2016 a year to remember. Let's reach out in love to bring new life to Africa. 

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