They’re not giving up on evangelism

Christian Russians are living under new laws that severely restrict how they can share their faith. What do you think you’d do if the Canadian government passed new laws that limited your rights to share your faith? How would you feel if the Prime Minister stood up in the House of Commons today and approved these new laws:

  • As of today, it’s illegal to share your Christian beliefs with non-believers in your home or on the internet
  • It’s illegal to email your friends to come to your church
  • If you don’t have a government-issued permit, you will be arrested or fined if you evangelize or hand out Christian materials anywhere other than in a registered church building
  • You’re not allowed to invite a non-Canadian to hold a Christian event in your church unless a special work visa has been approved by the government for them
  • It’s illegal to start a Christian cell group in your home

In Russia, these laws are the new normal. But rather than give up on evangelism, they’re asking for your help to reach even more people!

“Nothing will stop us from sharing the gospel.” — Russian pastor

Over their history the Christians of Russia have faced so much persecution. When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, a new era of freedom began for the church, so these new regulations seem to bring setback. But they are not deterred—rather, the Russian church is more determined to strategically reach every Russian for Christ.

And that’s where you come in. You can be a part of the massive outreach that is being planned by church denominations in Russia.

What they’re missing are copies of God’s Word to give to people in the cities across this huge nation. You can help them by providing Scripture magazines, New Testaments, and Bibles to people in major cities like Moscow, far northern towns in Siberia, and villages in the most remote areas of eastern Russia.

About Russia
  • Population: 144 million
  • Language: Russian
  • Main Religion: Orthodox (75%)
  • Scriptures shared: 5,000
The Need

Last Fall, we met with the pastor of evangelism and missions at the largest denomination in Russia. When we asked him how we could help him, he handed us a piece of paper on which he’d written a number: 3.5 million Scriptures.

He and his fellow pastors have evangelism strategies all mapped out and ready to be executed. But what they’re missing are copies of God’s Word to give to people in the cities across the massive nation of Russia.

Together with supporters across Canada we CAN do this.

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