A Joyful Day


March 17, 2020

A special announcement on behalf of our Board of Directors that demonstrates God’s amazing timing and provision.

– Dr. Alan Anderson, President

Reach Beyond Canada - Ignite BlogOn behalf of our Board of Directors, I’m pleased to share an announcement with you that demonstrates God’s amazing timing and provision. It’s also a clear example of how we can be stronger together for the good of the Kingdom.

After much prayer, consultation, and discussion at a senior leadership level, the national boards of ShareWord Global (SWG) and Reach Beyond Canada (RBC) have approved that RBC will come under SWG and operate as a ministry of SWG, while continuing to fulfill its legacy of ongoing ministry projects.

This decision brings together two organizations with a passion for cross-cultural ministry. RBC has worked to share the gospel internationally for over 85 years, while SWG has faithfully shared the gospel with the lost since 1911 and is today involved in igniting and fuelling a passion for evangelism all over the world. 

Our mission will not change—we will continue to fulfill the SWG mission statement, including Scripture distribution, evangelism training, and local church partnership. RBC’s ministry will enhance this mission.

I was brought into the idea of RBC and SWG joining forces early in my time as the President. Two things struck me immediately. The first is the incredible overlap between the projects that they were working on and the places God had put on our hearts where we needed to expand. Brazil and the Middle East were the very next two locations we were interested in, and here comes an organization with a deep history in both that wants to partner with us. 

The second thing is the wisdom and open-handedness of the RBC staff and board as they asked the question, “What will best serve the kingdom of God?” Without ego or control, they approached us with an opportunity that would really serve the Kingdom, something that could bless both of us. It was a joyful day, and has been a joyful journey with them to this point.

The two ministries have much in common, starting with the clear vision of introducing Jesus to people through God’s Word. Both organizations believe in mobilizing the local church and sharing the gospel with the unreached. Both ministries also believe in the power of innovation and modern technology to effectively impact more lives with the gospel. 

ShareWord Global’s efforts in evangelism around the world over the past eight years through Scripture distribution, evangelism training, and local church partnership will be a particular beneficiary of this merger. Pilot projects in Brazil several years ago and recent Arabic Scripture projects in the Middle East will now have a new partner with years of experience to draw on to take them to the next level. 

Furthermore, the opportunity to extend RBC’s legacy of engaging with unreached people groups will be a privilege and honour for SWG’s family of members and donors. Reach Beyond Canada’s major ongoing evangelism projects will continue to be completed under SWG and funded by their donors. Its legacy giving and existing donor commitments will continue as originally directed. 

It’s an exciting day, and I know you will welcome the RBC family into our family with open arms.


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