Samson Project

7 years ago, in a region of over a billion people, God put a desperate need on one man's heart.

He received a calling, to see hundreds of thousands of pastors and believers equipped with the Word of God—people who wanted to hear and share the truth of the gospel.

That one man responded to this calling with faith that defied reason and started to collect names.

And God answered.

In the years since, God’s plan to use this one man has created a movement spanning continents.

And it didn’t stop with people receiving a copy of Scripture.

No—in fact, this movement is growing churches in different corners of the world to this day. What started within South Asia has now spread to Haiti and Uganda. The Samson Project has become the spark that is equipping and mobilizing believers to share their faith.

And this is just the beginning... thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of souls still lie in wait. Names upon names are still being collected…

Now it’s your turn to be part of this continuing story. To keep responding to this giant need, your faithfulness is critical to keep turning this initial dream into an even bigger reality.

Now is your opportunity to join The Samson Project.

Together, at this Gospel Impact Conference, it’s time to raise $60,000 CDN.

Donating this weekend will ensure 10,000 more souls hear the life-giving message of the gospel:

  • $60 – will reach 10 of these souls
  • $240 – will reach 40 of these souls
  • $960 – will reach 160 of these souls





Toll-free: 1.888.831.1893

Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
9:00am-4:30pm ET


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