Mobilize your church with the skills & resources they need to share the gospel —every day

Watch your congregation become confident, active ambassadors of Jesus, who regularly bring new people through your church doors.

TRAIN them with simple skills to help neutralize their fears and empower them with new confidence to talk about Jesus.

EQUIP them with innovative Scriptures that help them share God’s message of hope.

GO —send them on unique evangelism opportunities to share the gospel here at home and all over the world!



Here's how it works...

It’s a simple model designed to help your church grow in evangelism and multiply the Kingdom of God.


GCP gcp3 discover iconDiscover

It starts here. Sometimes it’s over coffee, sometimes it’s online, and at other times it’s a ministerial breakfast. Pastors and church leaders explore how a church partnership with ShareWord Global can help mobilize their congregations.

You’ll see samples of our Scripture resources, learn about GO Trips, and have a chance to ask questions. It’s a free event to explore partnering together.

GCP ignite train iconIgnite

Next is an Ignite event at your church. It features a dynamic, interactive, evangelism workshop with one goal: to impart powerful, simple skills to help people share the gospel. The goal is to have a “go” opportunity happen the same day.

Watch this video to see how an Ignite event can impact your congregation or click here to experience one yourself


Ignite Event FAQs

+ - How long are they?

They can be short and sweet with a 90-minute to 3-hour Grid workshop included. Or you can choose the multi-week series of workshops (3 to 6 weeks).

+ - What’s the cost?

Your first Ignite event is FREE! You can choose to chip in to cover the costs, or ask your attendees to do so, but there’s no obligation to do so.

+ - What’s included?

A worksheet for the workshop that’s led by a trained facilitator, plus a Scripture resource for them to share.

They’ll be asked to “go” (either that same day or at another planned time) to practice what they learned.

Attendees will also have a chance to learn who ShareWord Global is and how they can get involved in the cause.

+ - Does it work?

Yes! Attendees leave the event emboldened, equipped, and energized. Churches in many countries, including right here in North America, have seen immediate results that we would love to share more about with you.

Grid Workshop

New skills, new resources, new confidence—leading to new conversations about Jesus! Grid workshops are the central feature of Ignite events.


Participants gain confidence, shed their fears, and come out of the session with a new perspective on evangelism.



We teach a relational model that engages believers in outreach conversations with people on their grid.


Attendees learn simple, authentic evangelism skills to help them connect with people and share the gospel.


Then they’ll GO—just like Christ’s disciples—to put into practice what they learned!

Sign up to host an Ignite event



An Ignite event is just the beginning. Maintaining that momentum requires fuel.


GCP outreach iconWhen you sign up as a Global Church Partner, your church can be equipped for gospel outreach! To have conversations about Jesus with people they see on their daily “grid” and whoever else God places in their path.

As you see your church grow in evangelism, you’ll also have unique opportunities to participate in ministry projects that help mobilize other churches around the world.


Global Church Partners

What are the benefits to church partners?


  • receive Scripture resources
  • hear about the impact they’re having globally
  • host more evangelism workshops
  • participate as a church on a domestic or international GO Trip
  • draw on the passion and energy of local volunteers to come alongside the church and help
  • keep the evangelism fire burning
  • mobilize other churches in their area in evangelism
  • develop evangelism influencers in their church
  • build international sister church relationships with churches who are on the same evangelism mobilization journey as yours

Become a Church Partner


As part of the sign-up process, you’ll be invited to contribute to the cause financially.


The costs of the resources available to you have been subsidized, thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors. Your donations as a Global Church Partner not only help with the remainder of the costs—they also fuel the mobilization of believers around the world.

Printed Scripture magazines and Gospels of John will be available for your church to use as part of your evangelism activities. Digital Scripture resources are also available to download and use.

The sign-up form will suggest three ways in which you can partner with us financially to help churches around the world become equipped to go:



1. MONTHLY donation

Starting at $100/month, your church will help fuel the global movement of mobilizing believers.

2. ANNUAL “ShareWord Sunday” gift

This is a designated Sunday once a year to spotlight your partnership with ShareWord Global, share impact stories (locally and globally), and invite your congregation to make a love offering. We’ll assign a staff member or local volunteer to answer questions at your church.

3. CUSTOMIZED arrangement

Our local Regional Manager would love to speak to you about other ways you can fuel the cause, like GO Trips, sister church evangelism, and funding special projects.


ready to become a Global Church Partner?



As you see your church grow in evangelism, you’ll also have unique opportunities to participate in ministry projects that help mobilize other churches around the world.


GCP gcp3 grow icon


One of the best ways to hone the skills learned during an Ignite workshop is to participate on a GO Trip. This is available for partner churches.


+ - What’s a GO Trip?

It’s stepping outside your everyday “zone” to join a group of other believers on a short-term missions trip—another country or even another state or province. Either way, you’re coming alongside local churches to fuel their passion for evangelism (and fueling your own at the same time.) Your focus will be on one thing: sharing the gospel plus God’s Word with people who aren’t in a relationship with Jesus.

+ - How long are the trips?

Usually 10-12 days.

+ - How big are the GO Teams?

Generally between 12-16 people.

+ - Where do they go?

Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and North America.

+ - What’s the cost?

Each destination requires a different amount to be raised by team members. Visit our website for the most current costs of GO Trips.

+ - Will my church join other churches?

If you’d like to fill an entire team with people from your church, we’d love that. But church GO Teams can also be filled from multiple fellowships and even from other countries!


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