Moldova is an often-overlooked country in Eastern Europe. Nestled between Romania and Ukraine, it is one of the poorest nations in Europe. Young adults who find themselves in desperate need of work are at high-risk for becoming victims of human trafficking, and many children are growing up without their parents. Desperate poverty leaves 1 in 2 children in Moldova struggling to survive without mom or dad at home. Many of these kids are orphaned—a common problem in this part of the world. Due to the rampant economic hardship, the country struggles with mass emigration as people are desperate to escape and find a better life elsewhere. 

But there is hope for the people of Moldova. They are incredibly receptive to the message of the gospel, and Christianity is growing thanks to evangelism and church planting. Though the situation in Moldova seems dire, people are finding hope in the gospel. There is an awakening of evangelicalism in the country despite the population decreasing because of mass emigration. As the church awakens in Moldova, they need to be supported with resources that will help them continue their unlikely growth. 




Through Mission Eurasia and our on-the-ground partners, we travel to unreached villages and use different activities to attract local youth. Where churches exist, congregations are equipped with resources to integrate new believers through ongoing ministry. Once equipped, our ministry partners continue to work and build up the believers in that region by sharing the gospel with Scripture resources. Spark and Hope magazine, along with translated New Testaments, are sent to hard-to-reach areas in the country. 

The nation needs faithful donors like you to invest in seeing the local church awaken and bring hope to the poverty-stricken people in Moldova. Will you invest?


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