Political unrest, desolate war-torn regions, religious disagreement and ongoing poverty form a disordered landscape in the country. The physical needs of the Russian population are not properly addressed by their federalist government; thousands of citizens feel threatened by the ongoing state of conflict, and thousands more have never been exposed to the life-giving Word of God.

The themes of hope, grace, and forgiveness throughout the gospel stand in stark contrast to the climate of government control and oppression experienced by many in the region. But sharing the gospel is not easy in Russia. Believers are often under intense scrutiny and surveillance, particularly in Muslim-dominated regions. Authorities continue to impose legislation that restricts religious freedom and activity. But when the opportunity arises to share God’s Word with people hungry for hope, it takes root deeply in their hearts and changes everything for them. 




Our partners-on-the-ground in Russia are using Scripture magazines for evangelism. They have been a central component of his outreach work that provides for both the physical and spiritual needs in local communities. The magazines are easy to share and well received because they do not look like Bibles, which people would be less inclined to openly take. 

These resources have also been well received in the Tartar community, a historically Islamic people group who Konstantin has connected with. Believers in Russia are noticing a movement within this community that is creating an openness to the gospel. 

Evangelism resources are needed urgently to capitalize on this open door. You can meet this urgent need today. 


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