In eastern Ukraine, a forgotten war has been ongoing for four years, killing thousands and displacing over 1.5 million. Families are struggling to find the bare necessities and are dependent on the communities who opened their doors to them. War has many ways of crippling people, both young and old. Some lose loved ones. Others have to flee and begin a refugee's life with nothing to call their own. Still others are impacted psychologically and emotionally, many becoming addicts in their attempts to cope with what they've seen or experienced.

The region has long been considered the “Bible Belt” of the Soviet sphere for its long history of Christianity. Though believers suffered greatly under communist rule until two decades ago, and as a result, Christianity has remained dormant in recent years, the local church is on the cusp of an awakening.  Seeds of hope are being planted in the fertile ground of Ukraine; when they bear fruit nothing will remain the same. The church is poised to impact every sphere of society, and people desperately need the hope and peace of the gospel in the midst of their war-torn circumstances. All they need is to be awakened from their slumber. 




Thanks to a strong partnership with local churches and organizations, believers in Ukraine have experienced the impact Scripture magazines can have as they ignite believers in evangelism. They are faithful in sharing the hope of the gospel with people in hospitals, refugee centres, bombed-out facilities, and many other places of need, but their resources are running out, and can’t continue to be shared unless someone steps up to provide them. 

Don’t let the momentum die in Ukraine. Give believers the resources they need to reach their country with the gospel.


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