Imagine you’re a pastor trying to reach your community with the gospel in an area both spiritually and physically isolated, with little concern for evangelism. You have no Study Bible to grow deeper in your own faith—no resources to grow spiritually as a leader. You have no Bibles to give your small congregation. Even if you had Bibles, many of your congregation is illiterate, and wouldn’t be able to read them. You have a desire to share God’s Word with the people in your neighbourhood, but don’t have any physical copies of Scripture to leave with anybody.

This is the unfortunate reality for many pastors and churches across the country. But it doesn’t have to be. Through a deeply rooted partnership built in 2016, there are incredible doors being opened to help you fuel believers in Chile to reach their communities and the most remote areas of the country. 




People in Chile can be impacted by the gospel through the strength of this partnership and the generosity of donors. Grow Your Church kits help churches grow in their faith and learn how to effectively share the gospel in their communities. Bibles, Study Bibles, Audio Bibles, and Scripture magazines are included in these kits that will serve the needs of the local church. This is something you can provide them today. 

Chispa (Spark) magazines are a valuable resource for sharing the gospel with children in Chile, and have even been used as Bible Study curriculum because of how clearly God’s Word is presented in the magazine

These resources are so valuable when put into the hands of faithful believers who are eager to share the life-changing hope of the gospel with people in their communities. Thanks to strong local partnerships and the continued support of generous donors, people in Chile can experience firsthand how the gospel changes everything.


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