Important in God’s Eyes
Important in God’s Eyes

Volunteer evangelists at Generation of Faith Church in Chile had a glorious time sharing the gospel using the Esperanza magazine at the clinical hospital in Santiago.  

This was a very emotional time for the team. After two years of lockdowns, the volunteers were given the green light to preach and pray with patients. They were finally allowed to go into the hospital again, equipped with the power of the gospel. And the life of a woman named Ximena was forever changed because of it. 

Ximena was busy behind a closed-door completing her janitorial work. One of the volunteers noticed her through the tinted window. When the group approached, she seemed shocked. 

"I'm the kind of person people usually overlook...people don't usually see me as important," Ximena confessed to the volunteers. 

The team asked if she wanted them to pray for her, and Ximena opened her heart. She shared that her family was crumbling. Her brother had tried to take his life a few days before, and since the COVID-19 pandemic began, she had felt that her own life had no importance.  

But God had something transformational planned for her at that moment! As Ximena flipped through the Esperanza magazine, her eyes filled with tears. What she was reading made her feel safe and loved. She was not crying tears of pain, but tears of hope! At last, she knew God's love, and she understood that God had a purpose for her life.  

"I'm going to save and treasure the Esperanza magazine!" she exclaimed. 

Ximena’s life was saved through the power of the gospel. Let us praise Him together and thank Him for saving Ximena's life. 

Please pray for Ximena and this team of Chilean church volunteers. May they continue to go out and share the truth of the gospel with their community! 

—Alaina (International Growth Coordinator, Paraphrased)

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