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The NewLife app and website are perfect for people who are exploring Christian faith and reading the Bible for the first time. They’re also a helpful resource for believers to have on their phones to be more prepared when they’re asked the tough questions.

NewLife includes the full Bible in an easy-to-read translation, an easily digestible collection of articles about the big questions of life, and a “Find a Church” section when the user is ready to take the next step.

The app is a free download for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, available in multiple languages, and has hundreds of audio Bibles.


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A full Bible or New Testament can be intimidating or overwhelming to a first time reader. Focused portions of the Bible, like our pocket-sized copies of the Gospel of John, give people a starting point as they explore God’s Word.

Hope, Redemption, Light, and Spark are examples of Scripture portions that resemble magazines. Each highlights key messages of the Bible overlaid on beautiful photographs or illustrations. Every magazine also includes the Gospel of John so people are introduced to the person of Jesus Christ.

You can read these magazines online and point others to exploring the Bible in a new way!



In some parts of the world, we use New Testaments to help share the gospel in personal evangelism. In Canada, as part of our legacy ministry, we continue to place Bibles and New Testaments in public places like hotels, hospitals, prisons, and schools.

We’ve used a variety of translations over the years for our English Scriptures, but today we use the New Living Translation, an accurate and reliable translation from Tyndale House Publishing. Whenever possible, we choose translations that are easy for first-time readers to understand.

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Are you exploring your faith and wanting to read the Bible? Visit www.newlife.bible to read the full Bible in an easy-to-understand translation, or download the NewLife app to your mobile device. NewLife also helps you explore faith, Christianity, and some of the deepest spiritual questions we all ask in our lives.


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