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Giorgio Gori

Giorgio Gori

Interim President and Vice President of International Growth

A veteran at SWG, Giorgio has worked in both for-profit as well as the Christian charity sector with some of the biggest organizations in the world. Speaking five languages and having lived on three continents, Giorgio has pastored, raised funds, and since 2013 has led the growing international ministry of SWG. Married to Jacqueline, they live in Ontario with their amazing labrador, Samson.



Kevin Cawthra

Kevin Cawthra

Vice President of Business & Communications

Kevin has been the head of our Business and Communications team since 2013, and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CA, CPA). He’s spent over 15 years in senior not-for-profit CFO and COO roles, and prior to that four years in the fields of public accounting, audit, and taxation. He is the Board Chair of Cambridge Christian School, and he and his wife Helen lead their local Chapter in Cambridge, Ontario. They are both avid runners, and they have three wonderful sons.



We are proud to have a diverse staff of many cultures, ages and experience.

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Our Team

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