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Brazil is a diverse, developed country with bustling cities and a long history of Catholicism at its roots. People are also very open to the gospel, and will often make time to talk to anyone who asks them about their beliefs. 

The problem is that people are often too spiritually open, which leads people to mix and match their beliefs combining elements of Catholicism, Christianity, Witchcraft, Spiritism, and Mysticism. There are people all across the spectrum of belief, and the local church needs help to reach the lost in their country with the true message of Jesus. 

Some regions in Brazil are almost completely unreached. In a poor backcountry region of Brazil, known locally as Sertão, less than 1 out of 100 people have heard about Jesus. Along the Amazon river, 30,000 communities still need to be reached with God’s Word. Lastly, Brazil’s deaf population does not have any access to Scripture at all. There just isn’t a translation available for them! The local church in Brazil is primed to be equipped with resources that will help them reach these communities. They just need someone like you to equip them. 




Work has also begun in partnership with a local organization to translate the Bible to Brazilian sign language! This is the second official language of the country, and will be the only Bible in the world available to the deaf community in Brazil. This is a massive project that could impact the country for generations, and much work is yet to be done. The completion of this project will only be possible through generous donors who want to reach the deaf community by helping create the very first Bible ever translated to Brazilian Sign Language.

GO Trips in the future will partner with local believers to reach people in the Sertão community, the Amazon river communities, and the deaf community! GO Teams seek to make a long-term impact in Brazil by igniting the local church to sustainably share the gospel with the unreached people groups in their country. 

Make a long-term impact in Brazil today by empowering the church and providing the resources they need to reach their country with the gospel.


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