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Daily life as a Christian in Sri Lanka looks very different than what we’re used to. Many believers live in rural areas across the country, and would need to travel hours, even days on foot to find a copy of the Bible. Even if you live in one of the major cities, you’re at risk of persecution. Last Easter, churches and hotels were targeted by a series of terrorist attacks, killing hundreds of worshippers. Christians in Sri Lanka need to know that we support them. We want to actively come alongside them to equip them to reach others with the only message of hope that can bring true peace and restoration to the country. But how can they read that message of hope without their own copy of God’s Word?




A newly developed partnership with the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) has created an incredible opportunity for you to make a meaningful, long-term impact on the local church and the country. The NCEASL is closely connected to 70% of the evangelical churches in Sri Lanka, which paves  the way for you to put evangelism materials and Scripture resources into the hands of people who will steward them well. 

The ministry strategy in Sri Lanka will build upon the success of “The Samson Project” in India, which laid the groundwork for an effective distribution plan. The names of thousands of Christians in rural areas who have personally requested a Bible will be collected. Over the course of five years, the plan is to distribute at least 400,000 Scriptures, which means 1 in every 4 Christians in Sri Lanka will have their own personal copy of God’s Word! Pastors will also receive Grow Your Church kits to pass on to their congregations, audio Bibles for those who can’t read. 

This is the fuel the Sri Lankan church needs to grow exponentially and reach their country with the gospel. 

Will you help fuel the Sri Lankan church?


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