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Uganda is often referred to as “the Pearl of Africa,” but despite its tropical beauty and warm equatorial sunshine, the country remains overwhelmingly crippled with spiritual and physical poverty. Believers learn a shallow faith, as the majority of church-goers don’t have access to God’s Word. The gospel is spoken widely, yet there are very few pastors who have had formal Biblical training. This often leads to abuses of power, corrupt congregations, financial fraud, and false teaching of the Bible. While there is great enthusiasm for the gospel, there is a great need for a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  





The solution begins with the true message of Scripture. Your contributions will help local churches in southern Uganda, discover effective new ways to reach the hands, ears, and hearts of Ugandan people with the Word. As Ugandan pastors dig deeper into a more holistic understanding of the gospel story, we recognize their need to be trained with the right tools. 

Grow Your Church kits provide exactly what spiritually hungry pastors and congregations need to be trained in their faith and become more effective at evangelism. Scripture magazines translated and contextualized for locals are an effective evangelism tool for believers to use in their communities. 

All they’re missing is someone to help provide these resources. That someone could be you.


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