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Relational evangelism is a lifestyle, but not always an easy one.

If you want to ignite your passion and actively help people receive the Good News, let’s do it together!



It’s all about using personal connection to introduce people to Jesus. As a member, you’ll be trained to effectively share the gospel and be equipped with innovative and contemporary Scripture resources to give to others. You’ll join a like-minded community of believers who share your heart for seeing lives transformed by God.

Part of your training as a member will include how to encourage and coach others. In addition to supporting the outreach efforts of local churches in Canada, you’ll also have opportunities to minister alongside partner churches overseas on outreach trips. 

Whether you are already comfortable sharing your faith, or you want to build your confidence, you’ve come to the right place.


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“Why me?”


You can make all the difference for the people in your world needing hope right now.
Your relationships are unique to you—that’s the perfect place to begin.

If you have a passion for the gospel, this is the community for you.

We’re here to fuel that flame.

Got questions? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about membership, or get in touch with us directly!

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
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