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Membership FAQ

+ - How do I get involved in sharing the gospel with ShareWord Global?

We’re a non-denominational, membership-based organization, so the first step is filling out an application form. You also need to be part of an evangelical church, and one of your references will be from one of your pastors. Once we’ve received the application, the regional manager in your area will meet with you to introduce you to the ministry and discuss your potential involvement as a member.


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+ - What does membership entail?

It’s all about the cause of sharing the gospel—through verbal witness and sharing copies of God’s Word. Working in teams of local Christians, Members evangelize and share Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions to individuals, groups and institutions in Canada.

Members also have opportunities to share Christ overseas on outreach trips where Gideons partner with local believers to distribute Bibles. All members are associated with a local chapter of Gideons with whom they’re encouraged to meet regularly to accomplish the cause. Chapters are also involved in fundraising, as well as partnering with local churches to share the gospel in the community.

+ - Are there membership dues?

Members are required to pay $15/month as part of their annual membership. Members who choose to give $35/month or more are eligible to receive free shipping on their Scriptures and other promotional items.

+ - What do members receive to help them share the gospel?

Members are equipped to a variety of Scriptures at no charge, which they can use to share the gospel. They have access to promotional tools like videos, presentations, brochures, and digital events for fundraising and igniting a passion for the gospel in others. They also receive regular evangelism training and communications from Head Office about new developments nationally and internationally.

+ - What kind of training is offered?

The leader of each local chapter looks after training new members. Members are also invited to attend the annual Gospel Impact Conference, regional events, and chapter meetings. Leadership training is provided so we can work alongside our local churches to evangelize together.

+ - What kind of time commitment is there?

The amount of time you spend involved with ShareWord Global is largely up to you and the responsibilities you have.

+ - Do I need to do fundraising if I’m giving out Scriptures?

Members are asked to use their gifts to help fulfill the overall goals of the chapter and the ministry as a whole. This includes many areas including fundraising. 

+ - Can couples join together?

The ShareWord ministry is perfect for couples to serve in together. A wide variety of opportunities exist for both husbands and wives, usually side by side. However, each person needs to fill out his and her own application.

+ - Can I join if I do not belong to a church?

The application requires sponsorship a reference from a Christian friend as well as one of your pastors, so affiliation or adherence to a local evangelical church is needed.

+ - What if I join and decide that it’s not for me?

It’s not a problem to discontinue your membership at any time. Simply let Head Office know and arrangements will be made with regards to your monthly membership dues.

Got questions? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about membership, or get in touch with us directly!

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