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GO Trips

Come see it for yourself!

Be the one who introduces someone to Jesus and puts a copy of God’s Word in their hand. The gospel changes everything—and we’ll help you share it.








There are no GO Trips planned for this region at this time.




Why GO with ShareWord Global?


Short-term mission trips can often feel like “parachute evangelism.” Foreigners arrive in an area, do their mission, and then leave. But this has shown to be ineffective in the long run, and can undermine evangelism initiatives of local churches.


That’s where ShareWord Global’s Gospel Outreach (GO) Trips come in.


GO Trips present an exciting opportunity to train, equip, and launch believers to share their faith. Our partnership with local churches allows us to reach communities with the gospel and provide new believers with a family of faith. This means the work continues even after you go home. The experience is life transforming; not just for the souls you reach with the gospel, but yours as well. It’s a great way to exercise faith and to grow in your walk with God.


Missions Trip OpportunityWe take care of everything. We make your next step easy by giving you an inclusive package.

The team at Head Office is ready to help you at every step, including filling out the application form, how to raise the funds, what to pack—even what the weather will be like when you get there. Remember, you won’t be alone, you’ll be joining a team!


Mission Trip Training

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do! We show you, you show them, they show others. It’s that easy.

Never shared the gospel before? Worried you won’t know what to do? If you’re an everyday person just like the rest of us, you’re ready to go! The best people for a GO Trip are people who love Jesus, love people, and love the idea of sharing the gospel. As for the rest, you’ll be trained on how to share the gospel with people from other cultures, and learn from the experiences of other believers.


International Missions TripIt’s not just about street evangelism.

So much more happens on GO Trips than street evangelism. Some trips have kids’ ministry events, others have open air concerts, and sometimes God opens doors we hadn’t even planned on. Like prisons, government buildings, marketplaces, schools, praying with people in hospitals—even beaches! Plus, part of every GO Trip is mobilizing churches to share the gospel and grow the local church.


We work with the local churches.Work with local churches

GO Trips aren’t about outsiders coming in. It’s about working together as the universal church to spread the Gospel and build up the local church, mobilizing them to reach out to their communities. Partnering with local churches connects new believers to a family of faith that will guide and assist them throughout their journey. Pastors will check up on new believers after you've returned home, so they’ll have a solid foundation for their new life with Christ.


Say yes to missionsAll you have to do is say yes.

There is no better way to ignite a passion for the gospel than to sign up for a ShareWord GO Trip.

Click here to learn about your next trip!



+ - Important Information

Please Note

  • Your GO Trip application needs to be submitted at least two months before trip date
  • All dates and donation pledge amounts are subject to change
  • As we come closer to the dates of the trip, more details will be provided to all accepted participants
  • ShareWord Global reserves the right to cancel a trip
  • Spending of funds is confined to Board approved programs and projects
  • Each restricted contribution designated towards a Board approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the Board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.

+ - What to expect when you GO

Each trip is different, with different destinations, and different people you’ll meet, but in general, here’s what you can expect on a typical day of a GO Trip:

7:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 8:30

Morning Devotions

8:30 – 9:00

Meet in lobby and load into transportation

10:00 –11:00

GRID-Training with local church

11:00 – 12:30

GO-Evangelizing with local church

12:30 – 2:00

Lunch and fellowship with local church

2:00 -  3:30

GO-Evangelizing with local church

3:30 – 4:00

Good News sharing

4:00 - 5:00  

Travel back to hotel

5:00 - 6:30 

Personal time

6:30 – 8:00


8:00 – 8:30

Nightly debrief

+ - International Trips

The global Church needs support from one another. On an international team, you’ll come alongside local churches to fuel their passion for evangelism—and your own. There are so many beautifully unique cultures, and Jesus is the answer to the troubles faced by everyone.

Be part of a worldwide community and connect searching people to Jesus using God’s Word.

Traveling on GO Trips involves a lot of planning and details.

Trip Length: ​ Typically, 10-12 days of field work. The first and last days are travel days.

Donation Pledge: ​ $3,000 CAD- $4,000 CAD per person (depending on trip).

Don’t be intimidated—we’re here to help you fundraise! Many of our team members have had their trip donations completely covered through fundraising pledges received using the fundraising platform provided by SWG.

Click on each link to understand what you can expect.

+ - Application and Selection Consideration Factors

A GO Trip is an initiative administered by ShareWord Global with criteria for acceptance in order to participate. You must submit a properly completed Application Form before the deadline, as part of the consideration process for acceptance. GO Teams are open to people 18 years of age or older who are followers of Jesus and are serving at their church.

  • Complete a satisfactory Application Form (including agreement and compliance with ShareWord Global's Statement of Faith, Standard of Conduct, GO Team Covenant, and Retention of Information and Applicant Privacy Policy)
  • Provide two (2) satisfactory references (conducted by ShareWord Global); a professional reference, and a pastoral reference (completed by a person who serves in a spiritual leadership position in the Christian faith community where you are currently an active participant/member); this may include your Pastor, Church Elder, Small Group Leader, Youth Pastor, or Bible Study Leader
  • Provide a satisfactory Criminal Records Check with a Vulnerable Sector Search (ShareWord Global will provide you with the required letter to submit your request directly to your local police station at your own cost)
  • Voluntarily commit to fundraise, and/or thereafter pledge to donate the remaining or full amount per person, as advertised for the respective GO Trip
  • Meet the medical and insurance requirements, along with the physical and mental-health demands as generally outlined within the all-inclusive insurance questionnaire, and the GO Trip Volunteer Role Description (ShareWord Global will provide all Canadian applicants the all-inclusive insurance forms directly, upon receipt of your application; furthermore, all approved participants will be required to provide a satisfactory Medical Release completed by an attending physician)
  • Comply with all applicable visa and immunization requirements as required by the respective host country (must have a valid passport to travel)
  • Satisfy the language fluency requirements (fluency in English is required for all destinations except French-speaking countries like Haiti)
  • Granted formal approval by SWG or by SWG's national Ministry Partners to participate on the team and travel to the host country
  • Participate in SWG’s GO Trip team training and orientation process (pre, during, post trip)


Additional Information

  • A follow-up interview may be conducted by a SWG Manager
  • Submission of an Application Package does not guarantee acceptance
  • All applicants will be formally advised if they are approved 
  • Good physical, mental, and spiritual health are required of each team member
  • Space on each team is limited
  • When you return, you will be invited to share your experience on behalf of ShareWord Global and the national churches you engaged with

+ - Donations and Cancellations

GO Trip Donations

You voluntarily commitment to fundraise, and/or thereafter pledge to donate the remaining or full amount per person as advertised for the GO Trip in order to participate on a GO Trip team. Your voluntary donation pledge covers your all-inclusive emergency travel insurance, training, flights and in-country transportation, translators, meals, and accommodations. You can help cover your total donation pledge amount by fundraising, and we will provide you the tools to do so. If you raise funds over and above the donation pledge amount, the additional funds will go towards the respective GO Trip’s ministry work. 

Each participant is responsible for their own passport and visa fees, travel to/from the airport back home, immunizations, travel medications and medical-documentation fees, additional baggage, or other personal incidentals and leisure activities arranged during the GO Trip. 

Any incurred expenses and arrangements beyond those of the usual GO Trip itinerary are handled by the Participant directly. The additional costs incurred for customized elements will be paid by Participant directly to the vendor wherever possible. These additional expenses will not be included in the income tax receipt the participant will receive for the GO Trip donation, as they are outside the scope of the GO Trip itinerary, and not eligible for a tax receipt in accordance with CRA regulations.



  • $500 CAD registration donation pledge (non-refundable) along with your Application Form
  • 100% of the remaining donation amount voluntarily pledged 30 days before the trip departure date
  • All donations must be made payable directly to “ShareWord Global” by the donors themselves, payable by cheque or by phone
  • Whenever a donation is made, the donor must indicate the name of the trip member and designated country for which the donation is intended



All applicants voluntarily pledge a $500 CAD registration donation amount as a non-refundable deposit with the Application. If accepted on the team, your donation is applied towards the total trip donation pledge amount and can be tax-receipted. Your registration donation confirms your commitment to participate on the GO Trip and allow us to proceed with initial preparations and their associated expenses.


Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 90 to 31 days prior to departure, you will be asked for 50% of the advertised trip donation pledge amount
  • If you cancel 30 days or less prior to departure, you will be asked for 100% of the advertised trip donation pledge amount

Note: Exceptions may apply depending on the situation. This is based on the discretion of ShareWord Global.

+ - Insurance and Waivers


All Canadian team members will automatically receive a mandatory emergency travel insurance plan, that includes supplementary Covid-coverage, purchased by ShareWord Global. This is included in your total trip donation pledge amount, and will ensure that all trip members are equally insured and protected. The plan details will be sent to you by the ShareWord Global Administration, once you have been accepted.

Non-Canadian applicants will be required to source independent emergency travel insurance within their residing country’s governing health insurance regulations. ShareWord Global will provide you with the recommended minimum independent insurance coverage requirements to assist you in your process and ensure all team members are equally insured and protected.


Waiver form

Approved team members must sign Release and Waiver forms releasing ShareWord Global, their leadership, and partners from liability. In the event that a team member participates in multiple GO Trips, some forms may be required to be re-submitted to reflect the dates and terms of liability for that respective GO Trip.

+ - Immunizations, Passports, Visas


You are required to arrange and pay for your own immunizations and supporting medical documentation. Consult your local travel clinic for advice. If vaccinations are required to enter a country, this will be made clear by ShareWord Global and its trip leadership before the departure date. You must submit proof of receiving the required vaccinations, along with a Medical Release form signed by a doctor familiar with your medical history. Inability or unwillingness to receive the required vaccinations, or to secure the satisfactory Medical Release form, will result in your ineligibility to participate.


Passports and Identification

You will require a passport that is valid at least six months after your return date. When a visa is required as well, at the time of your official acceptance you will be notified with tips on how to best obtain this document. Any associated costs with securing either a valid passport or travel visa will be at your own expense.

+ - Training & Orientation


The pre-trip training will help you share the gospel in a new culture, grow in your understanding of what Jesus taught, and how to reflect and share your experience upon your return home.


Webinar Conference Sessions

Pre-trip training is mandatory and will be scheduled in three (3) sessions. You will be equipped with supplemental training materials during the course of these sessions. Specific training session dates will be communicated to you at the time of acceptance.


Full Orientation Day

Team members will additionally participate in an orientation day upon arriving in the host-country. You will also participate in team building activities, and receive information regarding our philosophy, sharing the gospel in a new culture, differences in cultures, and how to motivate others. This day builds on training completed prior to the trip. We want to equip you to effectively share your faith and so we ask you to be fully committed to all training sessions.



All trips are subject to change. The first and last days of the trip are travel days.



On the GO Trip, you will have time to reflect on the day and share with the other trip members the highlights of your day - what you are experiencing and learning. You will discuss how to best share the gospel and how to work with local churches and translators. Upon returning home, you will have a scheduled team debrief webinar conference session where impact, reflections, and next steps will be discussed.

+ - Flights & Transportation

Flight paths and in-country transportation are carefully arranged to ensure the team stays together and travels by the most direct route and aligns with the GO Trip itinerary.  The ShareWord Global Administrator will make the arrangements for all team members flying from North-America, and arrange transportation in the host country, as part of the GO Trip preparations. Confirmation of travel details and E-Tickets will be sent to you directly once you have been approved to participate on the team, and once the arrangements have been finalized. The first and last day of the GO Trip are considered travel days.

Any team members residing outside of North America will be required to arrange and pay for their own flights. ShareWord Global will share the flight path details of the North-American team members to ensure the team can coordinate their travel plans as close together as possible. The ShareWord Global Administrator must approve and receive your flight path details. We will work together with our Partner Offices to ensure all arrangements are coordinated for all the members traveling to the host country. Arrangements will be made for transportation to and from the airport for all team members.

+ - Food & Accommodations

Food and Local Culture

You will eat food from both the local country and from North America. Meals will usually be eaten in restaurants. Clean water will be provided daily for all.



Accommodations are carefully sourced and are typically full-service hotels, but can also be guesthouses, small hotels, Bible college dormitories, or other facilities of similar quality. Washroom facilities may be private facilities or outdoor toilets. Accommodations are double-occupancy rooms with separate beds.

+ - Translators & Local Guides

The team works collaboratively with the local church for the duration of the in-country evangelism activities, and translators and guides will accompany you to provide support in communicating locally. During your training and orientation, you will be equipped with a list of common phrases used in the country, and other important cultural sensitivities to be aware of.

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"When we met Marcelo, he said we had come at the right time to share God’s Word. He recently lost a few family members due to illness, suicide, and a car accident....and he had just lost his job. We shared the gospel with him and he was engaged in our conversation. It was the spirit of God who brought us to this man at the right moment."

Chile GO Trip Participant

"Being able to see the eyes of children in Moldova lighten up when they heard that Jesus loves was truly astonishing and unforgettable. It made me want to replay that scene over and over again and tell more people how much Jesus loves them."

Moldova GO Trip Participant

"I really didn’t know what to expect, I hadn’t done street evangelism before. But I found it so impactful to be able to share that God has a purpose for people. What I loved about this trip was that we partnered with local churches. That’s one of the things that sold me about this trip to begin with—working with organizations on the ground. I think that’s so critical to missions."

Uganda GO Trip Participant


Whether you’re super confident or just getting started, you are 100% qualified.

Your relationship with Jesus is all you need to share your faith.

We’re here to make it practical, diminish the fears, and make sure you’re not alone.

Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it!


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