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Peru is a beautiful nation. Located on the western coast of South America, it is home to mountains, the ocean, and over 32 million people.


It is also full of fascinating archaeological sites to visit during the trip’s cultural day. While the country has a firm grounding in Christianity, more than 80% of the population has grown up with a reliance on the corporate Church, rather than on Christ.

The Church in Peru is primed for the harvest. God has opened doors for evangelism opportunities in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as schools. Churches are crying out for resources to reach them and for people like you to help ignite their congregations.

By coming on a GO Trip to Peru you will have the chance to build on this momentum and introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus. By sharing your faith story you can help them build deep spiritual roots, and develop faith that is firmly planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Quick Facts


+ - Weather

Peru has hot beaches, frigid mountains, and tropical forests. The climate is temperate with February being the hottest month (average temp 23.5) and August being the coldest (average temp 17)

+ - Popular Foods

Ceviche (a raw fish dish marinated in citrus and chilis). Stir-fried and roasted meats, potatoes, and rice are also common foods. Potentially some of the best food in Latin America.

+ - Religious Demographics

Catholic (70%), Evangelical (17%), no specific religion (7%).

+ - Social Demographics

Peru is a middle income country in South America.

+ - Languages Spoken

Spanish is the most common language spoken in Peru followed by indigenous languages Quechua, Aymara. It will be rare to find an English speaker outside of tourist spots.

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