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The people of Uganda are easy-going, friendly, and resilient.


The sheer beauty of Uganda's landscapes has earned it the title of the pearl of Africa. But beneath the surface is a nation battling widespread spiritual and material poverty.

There is limited access to God’s Word in the East African nation. Our GO Trips will send you on an adventure of immense intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth that will not only change you, but impact the lives of hundreds more in Uganda.

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Quick Facts


+ - Weather

Uganda is a tropical climate, with two wet seasons and two dry seasons. The dry seasons range from December to February and June to August, while wet seasons are from March to May and September to November.

+ - Popular Foods

The staple food is matoke (cooking bananas). It is usually served with chicken stew or other meats seasoned with different spices.

+ - Religious Demographics

Catholicism (39.3%), Anglican Church (32%), Islam (14%), Pentecostal Christian (11%).

+ - Social Demographics

Uganda remains a low-income country, despite consistent economic growth over the years.

+ - Languages Spoken

English and Swahili are the most widely spoken in Uganda, with native languages spoken in different regions.

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