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Sensitive Regions



The world is an ever-changing maelstrom of social upheaval, geopolitical tension, conflict and corruption. Sadly, Christians are often the target of violence. Persecution due to religious extremism or political oppression can be commonplace.

In many of these sensitive regions, evangelism can be dangerous. Sharing the gospel has to be done with a great amount of caution. Those who are interested in exploring Christianity have to do it discreetly to avoid suspicion.

And yet, even in the most difficult of circumstances, God continues to change hearts and lives. Our bold partners on the ground and the churches they work with, continue to introduce people to Jesus through evangelism and sharing Scripture resources.




Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to finding information about our work in certain countries. Unfortunately, as our partners face threats of violence or imprisonment, we’ve determined to shield their location and identities as best we can.

While our work on the ground may look different in these dangerous regions of the world, the need remains the same: access to Scripture resources and mobilizing believers with evangelism support.

In some areas, our partners are working through underground churches to supply Scriptures that will help build up local believers in their faith. Translated copies of our Scripture magazines are especially useful tools that don’t arouse suspicion because they look like glossy periodicals rather than Bibles.

In other locations, our partners are leading evangelism training, teaching others how to confidently share their faith using the Scripture resources they’ve received.

In still other regions, we create satellite TV programming to deliver the gospel message right into millions of homes in their local heart language.

It is essential that our work continue in these sensitive regions despite the dangers. And we can’t do it without you. Will you invest in this crucial work today?


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