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People are hurting in our own backyard—Canadians are desperate to receive the hope and joy that only God’s Word can bring. Indigenous communities are asking for the hope of the gospel as they battle spiritual challenges and intergenerational trauma. Meanwhile, church pews across the country are filled with believers who love their communities, but either don’t have the confidence to share their faith or the resources that can help them. Statistics suggest this problem is unlikely to change with the next generation. While 85% of believers aged 18-29 believe it’s important to share the gospel, less than a quarter of them actively look for ways to do it. But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

That’s why ministry in Canada is so important. In an increasingly secular culture, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure churches are equipped with quality resources that will help encourage their congregations to share their faith.




After well over 100 years of ministry, the tried-and-true method of sharing the gospel through God’s Word continues while believers adopt new ways of reaching people through intentional, relational evangelism. This will happen across the country, including a particular focus on engaging Indigenous communities with God’s Word. 

Through members, church partnerships, and events, you can equip Canadian believers to connect with people in their communities, workplaces, coffee shops, hospitals, prisons, parks—anywhere there are people who need to be introduced to Jesus Christ. The Church is being trained and equipped to overcome fear and use God’s Word to share the gospel with the people they do life with. 

The “Hope for Hospitals” project and Grid Evangelism training are just two ways Canada is being impacted by the gospel. One of your biggest opportunities to impact Canada’s spiritual landscape is through the many versions and translations of Scripture resources that speak to each demographic of our diverse, multicultural population. There are even resources that have been contextualized specifically for Indigenous communities! 

There are so many people in our own backyard that desperately need the hope of the gospel. Will you help reach them?


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