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You can help believers in Nicaragua who want to share the gospel with their friends, families, and communities—but can’t because they have virtually no Scripture resources to share.

While it’s hard for us to imagine, many remote communities almost never see Bibles or Scripture resources in their own languages. They’re so scarce! Churches in big cities don’t either.

But that’s about to change, and you can be a part of it. Thanks to some unexpected help, we’ve been invited by high ranking officials to help the local church make Scripture resources available for the entire country! Within the next five years, every school-aged child in Nicaragua could have an opportunity to receive their own copy of God’s word.



God has paved a clear path to equip the local church with the resources they’ve asked for. Because of the doors He has opened through the government, there are incredible new opportunities to put God’s Word into people’s hands where it was once impossible.

  • Spark magazine (Chispa) can now be shared in schools that were previously off limits.
  • Hope magazines (Esperanza) can now be shared in public parks that once banned evangelism
  • Hospitals normally closed to visitors have been opened for us to share God’s Word
  • Government officials have arranged special meetings for us to share Scriptures with them

Last but not least, a government official has specifically requested Bibles and Scripture magazines for the remote and desperately poor Miskito region of northeastern Nicaragua.

You can help in the midst of an unprecedented opportunity.


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