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For all his young life, Max was impressed with the idea that good works granted salvation. 

After receiving a little New Testament in elementary school, Max took to reading the Scripture regularly. But it wasn’t until after he had graduated high school that he formed a true relationship with Jesus.

Max had been drafted into a professional hockey league in Europe. He was technically homeless, often short on money and living a nomadic lifestyle. But during this time, Max began to recognize the faithfulness of the risen Saviour. 

One afternoon in the Netherlands, Max sat on the bumper of an old truck, opened his New Testament, and began to read. 

A woman appeared by the side of the vehicle, speaking Dutch. 

Sorry, I don't understand,” Max admitted.

 Are you reading the Bible?” the woman clarified. Her accent was firm and kind. 

Yes, I am,” Max responded. “It’s what keeps me going every day.”

The woman joined Max on the edge of the truck. “That's great! You are so young! Why are you reading it?Max2

Because it’s the only truth I have. I'm being attacked by the enemy all day long. The devil gets in my head, telling me I'm a coward and I don't belong here playing hockey in Europe. I have to read this because it's the only thing that keeps me in the game!

The woman smiled and shared about her personal relationship with Jesus. Noticing his large suitcase, she warmly extended an invitation for a hot meal with her and her husband and a night’s rest at their home.

A trusting Max looked at the woman with tears in his eyes, “God knew I needed a friend today, and He sent one!” 

Times like these assured Max of God’s sovereign mercy. With each chapter he read, the Lord continued to reveal His unfailing love and heart for His children. 

Through the places he’s visited, people he’s met, and mistakes he has made, God has never left his side. Max dreams of the day he will share a meal with his Dutch friends again—in heaven with Christ!

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