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When you join us on a trip to Nicaragua, you’ll see what happens when a nation says “yes” to the spread of the gospel!


Whether you join a trip with your family, friends, or strangers, you’ll quickly see—together, we can tell the world.

Artisans in Nicaragua produce world-renowned decorative pottery pieces, made from clay deposited by past volcanoes. GO trip participants will have the opportunity to see the Masaya volcano, one of the world's most active volcanoes.

What can you expect of a GO trip in Nicaragua? Variety! We are in a unique position. High-ranking officials within the country have invited us to share Scripture with every school-aged child in the country. GO trips could include working alongside the church in Managua, the nation’s capital, or traveling to the hard-to-reach Miskito people, where you will partner with medical professionals to help address spiritual needs while their physical needs are being tended to.

By joining us for a GO Trip, you can be a part of providing a bright, spiritual future, for the next generation of Nicaraguans!

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Quick Facts


+ - Weather

Nicaragua has a tropical climate with little variation in temperature. The climate averages between 21-27 Celsius and their rainy season extends from May-October.

+ - Popular Foods

Gallo Pinto (red beans, onions, and rice fried together) are a staple in Nicaragua as well as fish and citrus to bring flavour to meals.

+ - Religious Demographics

Catholic (43%), Protestant/Evangelical (41%), not affiliated (14%).

+ - Social Demographics

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Because of this you will mainly be working with poorer churches in communities without many resources.

+ - Languages Spoken

Spanish is the dominant language in Nicaragua although you will find English speakers in tourist spots and along the Caribbean coast.

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