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Whether on the bustling metropolitan streets of Santiago, or the picturesque landscapes of Patagonia, the nation of Chile is clothed in beauty.


Beautiful lakes, forests, mountains, and volcanoes, all make up the landscape of southern Chile. This unique and varied landscape is where you’ll be able to share the gospel with people who have had little to no contact with evangelists, including the Mapuche communities.

Traditionally Chile has been a Catholic nation, but lately that is changing. In 2006, 94% of the population surveyed said they believed in God. Now, that number has dropped to 70%. The need for the gospel is obvious and growing.

On the streets, in homes, in marketplaces, in churches, in parks, or at the beach, faces will beam with excitement as you hand them a beautiful Esperanza (Hope) magazine and share the gospel. Many will even stop to talk and learn more when they read the message of hope in God’s Word. As people are led by the Holy Spirit, they begin to cultivate change in their communities, and spread God’s love.

In Chile, you will walk alongside a passionate local church, and build them up to carry on the mission of evangelizing their nation long after you have left. A lifetime of memories are waiting. Are you ready?

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Quick Facts


+ - Weather

Chile is the longest country in the world from north to south. Because of this, their weather changes dramatically based on region. From arid forests and sandy beaches, to high altitude mountains, and a southern tip that nearly touches the Antarctic, there is something for everyone.

*Chile is a southern hemisphere country so their seasons are reversed from ours

+ - Popular Foods

Pastel de Choclo (Corn “pudding” over beef casserole). Chile is famous for grilled meats, seafood, empanadas, and soups.

+ - Religious Demographics

Catholic (42%), Protestant (14%), no specific religion (37%), and other (6%).

+ - Social Demographics

Chile is one of the most prosperous nations in South America. But poverty remains an issue in indigenous and mountain communities.

+ - Languages Spoken

Spanish (English is common in the capital but it’s polite to ask someone if they speak it first.)

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