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Colourful cars, sandy beaches, and picturesque landscapes are what draw many Canadians to Cuba, but it’s the people that truly make this island nation so special.


God is doing amazing things through the Church in Cuba, and he’s opening doors. Thanks to a local partnership, we have been invited in to share Scripture with every household in the country—that’s over 3 million Scriptures.


Quick Facts


+ - Weather

Cuba stays fairly warm year-round, but experiences a rainy season from May-September.

+ - Popular Foods

Tamales (a portable corn dough wrapped around meat) as well as fried plantains, rice and pork are all popular foods in Cuba.

+ - Religious Demographics

Catholic (60%), non-religious (24%), Santeria or other (11%), and Protestant/Evangelical (5%).

+ - Social Demographics

Cuba’s population is facing slight decline. With over 20% of the population over 60 years-old it is the oldest nation in the Americas.

+ - Languages Spoken

Spanish is the dominant language in Cuba. Although some may speak English in major cities and tourist spots, you will want to learn some simple Spanish phrases.

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