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Brazil Day Camp 2023

Brazil – Day Camp GO Trip

June 30-July 12, 2023


Believers Mobilized: 80
Gospel Presentations: 1,200
Scriptures Shared: 1,350

The Day Camp GO Trip was an incredible experience, not only for the children and youth, but the participants as well. This was Lydia’s second GO Trip to Brazil. After her first trip, she realized how important it was to share the gospel and recognized how much Brazil needs the gospel.

“I’ve seen God working in the children’s lives as they come to our camp,” Lydia said. “Their faces when they come in are a little scared. As we share the gospel, by the end they leave with big smiles on their faces. I just know that God was working in their hearts and changing them through our camp. Even if they didn’t accept Jesus right in that moment, the seed was still planted in them, and they can always look back and see that was God later in their life.”

One of the camp’s students, 16-year-old Eduarda said, “It was really good to be here. It was an amazing experience to talk in English, and to be close to Jesus. We all now know and understand that He’s the way, the truth, and He’s the life. There’s no life without Him. And He loves us.”


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