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Brazil - Amazon 2023

Brazil - Amazon GO Trip

May 19-31, 2023


Believers Mobilized: 67
Gospel Presentations: 930
Scriptures Shared: 1250

Eliete was going about her usual business at her eatery when she noticed a group of unfamiliar faces walking towards her. Her eyes lit up with excitement at the prospect of a windfall. It wasn’t every day that tourists strolled into her establishment.

Eliete greeted them with a warm smile and welcomed them to take a seat. She quickly handed them menus, making sure to explain any dishes they weren’t familiar with.

The tourists were Gospel Outreach (GO) Trip participants, sharing the gospel in the heart of the Amazon. They had spent the day going from house to house, spreading the message of love and hope. As the evening approached, they found themselves exhausted but satisfied with their efforts. All they wanted was to sit down and enjoy a hearty meal to replenish their energy.

Many of the participants wanted Eliete’s recommendations on the unique and delicious cuisine of the area. But one of them could not contain the passion for evangelism still burning within him. He told Eliete about how much Jesus loved her and how He could change her life for the better.

Eliete said she was once a believer but had strayed away from God. She carried a heavy burden of guilt and condemnation due to the choices she had made.

The evangelist assured Eliete their role was not to judge or condemn her, but to remind her of the unending grace and forgiveness that God offers. He shared his own experiences of backsliding and finding his way back to God.

With each word, he painted a picture of a loving and merciful God who desires to uplift and restore His children.

A glimmer of light began to flicker in Eliete’s eyes. She realized that there was still a chance for her to find her way back to God, to experience His forgiveness and grace once again. Eliete eagerly asked the GO Trip participant to lead her back to God’s loving embrace.

Eliete is one of countless souls transformed during this GO Trip to the Amazon. Stories like hers show the impact these trips are having all over the world.


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