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Chile 2023

Chili GO Trip

November 10-19, 2023


Believers Mobilized: 33
Gospel Presentations: 8,330
Scriptures Shared: 7,850

While visiting a school in Chile, the GO Team handed out Spark magazines and bracelets to the children. They passionately explained the gospel and who Jesus is. Once they finished their presentation, they began to leave. But the teacher ran after them, calling for them to come back.

Sitting at his desk was a young boy, around seven-years-old. The teacher asked him to repeat what he had said for the GO Team. The young boy looked at the bracelet and said, “Jesus loves you.”

Until that moment, that boy had never been able to read. His teachers had all but given up on helping him, but when he began to read the words on his bracelet the teacher couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. How incredible for those to have been the first words he ever read.


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