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Spiritual Fire in Chile

Rodrigo, the president of the Firemen Chaplaincy of Chile, contacted our representative in Latin America late last year. He humbly requested Bible resources and magazines to evangelize to the community of firemen in Chile.   

Months later, we signed an agreement to work together to bring Hope magazines to every fireman in Chile. In addition, we will begin evangelism training with the firemen chaplaincy across the country! 

We met with two Chilean pastors who also work as firefighters. These men have laboured alongside one another, father and son, for over 25 years. They were overjoyed to receive a study Bible and Hope magazine and decided they wanted to help lead this initiative! 

There are 50,000 people working in the fire safety department across Chile. Partnering with local firemen will jumpstart the goal to gift each of them with a Hope magazine over the course of the next three years. 

We’ll begin by supplying 20,000 Scripture magazines during the coming fiscal year. These magazines will include information about the churches close to the fire stations so that the firefighters can connect and continue to grow in Christ. Then, after we assess church growth, we will print another 30,000 Hope magazines. 

Our next immediate step will be travelling with the firemen, leading outreaches, presenting magazines and preaching at stations across the country. We look forward to reporting the outcomes of this exciting opportunity God has provided! 

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